VaxCare, they buy, order and restock our vaccines.. but am I giving up the profit margin?

We were approached last week by VaxCare, and I am interested to know if anybody out there has experience with it. They will be providing more detailed information for us next week. Does anybody out there have experience with this? My understanding is that their margin is made by buying vaccines in bulk at better price than we do. Any insights will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Find out their fee structure. Do they keep payments for 90460 and/or 90461 codes? Then compare that to how much you make or lose off the vaccines by following this:

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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We keep the administration codes, and they will be filing out forms comparing our margins to what they would have been with them. I asked for 2019 and 2020.

Thanks for that tool, I will add that to my homework :grimacing:

I considered it a couple years ago. The main barrier at that time was their solution did not work with VFC. It would have required having two separate vaccine refrigerators and that was not possible. I have good reimbursements on my admin CPTs and poor reimbursements on the actual serum so VaxCare could be an otherwise good option–especially since they manage inventory.

I’ve worked with a number of practices who have used Vaxcare. Most of them ultimately leave - in my experience - because they realize that they’ve given away too much of the farm.

Personally, I believe that most typical pediatric practices would not benefit from Vaxcare. I’ve never met a normal-volume practice that actually makes more money. However, a new practice without a lot of cash flow or a Direct Care practice might line up with their model better.

I recently had a great conversation with them which had a very different tone from conversations I’ve had in the past. I gained a better understanding of their goals, including their target groups. In my mind, there may very much be a place for Vaxcare in small/new practices (for example). But please don’t tell an fully operating pediatric practice that they will “make more money” with Vaxcare.

Thanks for the feedback. We have a well established practice with a part time nurse who takes care of all vaccine and VFC who has been for some time at the right age for retirement. Nobody wants that job description and hearing of the possibility of not thinking about it was very tempting. I knew it could not be as good as they made it sound… but I was hoping!!
I knew Chip would set me straight!!