Timing of covid testing for contacts

Has anyone seen any official recommendations for when (how many days after exposure) to do testing when someone has a positive contact?

I’ve been looking for this - I made up my own protocol!!

We have also been struggling with best protocols. @mgad2000 would you be willing to share your protocol? What are other offices doing? If a true positive contact, then that patient must quarantine for 14 days, irregardless of test results. I am concerned that testing too early might lead to a false negative, and give that patient confidence to break quarantine.

I advise full quarantine for 14 days from last contact with a contagious person UNLESS they are somehow symptomatic early enough, test positive and then the 10d, 72h fever free and sx improving are earlier than the 14d. I don’t advise testing unless they become symptomatic. Will offer testing if symptomatic, at the 14d mark (parent just wants to make sure they are not asymptomatic but ++). If really pushed I will test at the 5-7d mark but I make clear a negative at that point DOES not change the 14 day quarantine and patient could still be positive up to 14 days after contact.