TeleMedicine Visit , Testing at practice later in the day

Scenario: Patient received Telehealth visit re: COVID-19, and is directed to go our office for testing later in the day.

According to the AMA’s and CPT Guidelines, one must code the appropriate E/M for the telemedicine and to account for the swab in-office (later that day), code a 99211.

Per CMS, 99211 has been approved for specimen collection.

My question is, do we put both EMs on the same claim (ie., 9921x for the telemedicine encounter and the 99211)?


Hi Brandon, I wouldn’t expect them to be able to be billed on one claim as they may have distinct places of service depending on whether the payer is following the CMS POS standard. The Telehealth portion would be 02-Telehealth and the swab would be 11-Office.


Can you give a reference for this, please?

See Attachment (and link) for details.


covid-19-coding-advice.pdf (1008.6 KB)

Here is the official doc.



Then two claims it is…

… same DOS but two POS.

Wish us luck.