Spanx to donate $5M to female-owned small businesses

Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, is donating $5M to female-owned small businesses. The application goes live tomorrow at noon EST and you can sign up to receive notification here.

According to the website, you can apply if you are:

Majority women-owned business and nonprofits with annual revenues less than $5M and with fewer than 50 individuals on staff. Businesses must be in good standing and incorporated as a legal entity, and be able to demonstrate that the Covid-19 pandemic is causing hardship.

Hope this is helpful!


Thanks for information.

You’re welcome! I love Sara Blakely’s story so I was excited to see this posted :slight_smile:

Thanks for the post.

My pleasure! I was able to apply today for my practice. Fingers crossed something comes of it.

I applied yesterday! :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: Thanks for the heads up!

So, I’ve bought my share of Spanx in the day, and as a serial entrepreneur who puts kids first, I’m thinking all I need is the next big idea to get to the front of this line! Katrina, what are your personal connections we can leverage to be out in front if wearing the amazing undergarments aren’t enough?


Woohoo! Wouldn’t it be awesome if pediatricians gets a significant portion of their funding??

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I’m afraid my “personal” connections are the same as yours — sitting in my unmentionables drawer :wink:

But the way I look at it is this — who can hate kids? So just tell them you need money to promote the health and well-being of the children in your community. If you have a specific plan, even better. What’s a better cause than that?

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Thanks for sharing this link!

Dr. Willingham

@mwillingham39 It’s my pleasure! :blush: