SOAPM Webinar: Telemedicine Services Usage, Billing, & Coding During COVID 19

Slide Deck: Coding for Telemedicine During COVID-19 (SOAPM- (2).pdf (801.8 KB)

During the CoVID-19 National Emergency, Telemedicine services have come to the forefront. A Certified Coding Expert will cover the usage under the temporarily-relaxed restrictions, and the appropriate billing and coding for services provided by practices.

At the conclusion of the session, participants will understand:

  1. The CPT coding, including modifiers, needed for effective billing of practice-based Telemedicine services
  2. The accepted ICDA coding associated with the appropriate CPT codes utilized in billing for practice=based Telemedicine services
  3. The nature of legal regulation relaxations on Telemedicine services that can be provided during the current CoVID-19 National Emergency.


Jan Blanchard is a Certified Professional Medical Auditor and a member of the Pediatric Solutions Team at Physician’s Computer Company (PCC). Jan brings nearly 30 years’ experience in healthcare to her work. Having done everything from Medical Assistance and Billing & Collections to Credentialing and Practice Management, Jan uses the breadth of her knowledge to offer practices guidance in many facets of independent Practice Management. She keeps PCC’s clients informed of changes and updates to pediatric coding and helps them navigate the ever-changing Primary Care landscape.

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