PTO for employees with decreased hours

We have cut employees’ hours by 25% to preserve cashflow and because we don’t need them to work full time. We are getting ready to run payroll and one of them is asking for their PTO to be applied to their payroll so they can get their FT pay. Are we obliged to pay her if she has accrued PTO?

We have allowed our staff to use PTO, but have encouraged without pay. Not sure if you can say they cannot use it. I’m interested to know this as well.

we have allowed staff to use any accrued PTO to make up for salary. many living on the edge and need the $$ for food, rent.

This question is likely to be state-specific. The best best is to look at your department of labor’s website for guidance (and then print it for future reference in case someone raises a stick down the road).

I don’t know the law but as a help to my staff I have allowed them to use PTO to make up for decreased in office hours.

It is my understanding you can allow them to use accrued PTO but can not REQUIRE them to use it.