Post Covid Mental Health for Pediatric Leaders

I’m not ashamed to mention here that as Leaders, we too need mental health from time to time. I’m curious to know if anyone has hired a mental health practitioner for their office staff to help with what I’m calling office staff and providers post COVID care syndrome. Petty backstabbing and whispers about personality flaws among my staff make me want to pull my hair out! luckily, some have moved on. However, a day doesn’t go by without someone crying in my office about personality conflicts and petty workplace behaviors.


Hi, @mvicioso. I have handled this in a couple ways. I have done as you suggested and hired a local psychologist and his team on retainer to offer discounted services to staff as well as quarterly staff training. Staff is able to go for discounted service anonymously and their office balance bills me without identifying the staff member. The leadership team at my office determines what the quarterly topics should be based on feedback from staff.

I have also personally provided education to staff during our regular staff meetings on topics such as effective communication, self-care, time management, etc.

While these things help, it is also important to eliminate the bad apples from your basket as quickly as possible. Even if it means being short staffed, your team will step up to pick up the slack because they will be happier without the negative person there. This goes for front desk, clinic staff, and even providers.

Happy to provide more details if needed.



This may seem harsh. I struggled with this for many years, causing me many hours of stress and irritation. I eventually had a heart-to-heart with my staff. I told them this was a job. An important job where we save lives and relieve suffering. We did not need to be distracted by their personality conflicts. If they can’t treat each other with respect and kindness then they need to work somewhere else. I showed them a stack of resumes I had just received and told them “These are the people who want your job. I am not your father, counselor, or priest.” We recently had a conflict between two staff and my (now) office manager sat them down and told them the same thing. They were not great employees and have now been fired for other problems. I had an employee years ago who was complaining about another staff member. Both were good employees. I told the complaining employee that if I had to choose between the two I would take the other employee. She stopped complaining and both have been with me twelve years. We now have front and back managers who keep an eye on the work of employees so we know if someone is not doing their job. We have had some employees bring their outside romantic and family interactions with one another into the workplace. When that happens we are firm with what is expected. I agree with Katrina. The bad apples have to go and ours always eventually do.

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Many practices I work with face the same challenges…in fact, a practice without such issues is a rarity.

As many in the forum know, I’m more of a numbers guy and tend to focus on that area. When I work with a practice and see that they need some help with employee engagement, conflict management, or help for teams to work/perfom better, I ask @Brandon to work with the practice…he’s good at helping practice walk through such challenges…lemme know if you need his contact info.


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Hi Paulie,

yes. please send me @brandon’s contact information. i always appreciate your insight!