Paying for only 10 visits in the first two years

We have had some instances recently where the payors are rejecting the 18 month visit due to going over the AAP recommended 10 visits in 2 years. The 2 week visit is not part of the routine schedule. We were having these kiddos coming back for weight checks/PKU’s, etc. Should we just make these appointments 99213-4 weight checks, feeding rechecks?

-Monika Walters, MD
Bethesda Pediatrics
Potomac, MD

That is exactly what our office does. Two week weight check.

We have not had that problem. We see at 3 days, 2 weeks, 2,4,6,9,12,15,18,24 months. I was thinking that is the periodicity schedule. That’s ten visits.

We have not experienced this problem either. Weight fu, jaundice, feeding issues, failure to thrive, etc are scheduled as scheduled as office visits (9921X).

Maybe use 99211 for the weight checks. If there’s no diagnosis, 99213-4 won’t work, I think. We can use 99211 with the Z diagnoses.