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I am curious what protocol everyone is using for office cleaning. We see a pretty full day of healthy check ups in our office. Our staff tries to stay diligent about the cleaning of exam rooms between patients. They go through at least 10 purple top wipes per room, sometimes more, with the goal of keeping the surfaces wet for at least 2 minutes. Unfortunately, with 4 providers working everyday, we are going through hundreds of wipes daily. What is your cost effective, time efficient method of cleaning rooms between “healthy” patients?

This is a good topic. I have been concerned about overuse of chemicals in the office. This is what we are doing, and appreciate any comments.
We have 4 exam rooms per provider, we have spaced out our schedule to two well checks per hour. We close the used room for an hour before my staff goes in to clean. They wipe down all hard surfaces well once then spray disinfectant spray in the room and close it for another 15 min before it is used again. We are using alcohol wipes, when we ran out of commercially available disinfectant wipes we used 70% alcohol with paper towels to wipe hard surfaces.
We are also trying to limit the human traffic to one parent per child, no extra people in the office. If the other parent wishes to participate in the visit, we connect with them via FaceTime during the visit. We are requiring face masks for anyone in the office over the age of 2 and the use of hand sanitizer or hand washing for anyone entering the office.
We also have an Allen air filter running 24/7 in our small office.
Thanks for bringing up this topic, look forward to others sharing their strategies.

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We have not been able to get cleaner from our medical suppliers so have followed the List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) from the EPA. We have been able to find approved products at local stores. Though they limit how many bottles we can purchase ate one time, we have not run out and been able to continue cleaning rooms between each patient.

Since we were unable to get enough wipes to do the job, we found a company called Force of Nature]( It is natural, EPA approved and kills the virus. Some work involved in making it, (a cool chemistry project), but more cost effective, easier and healthier. The staff love it, saves them time and they feel good about using it.

We are using Lysol cleaner, not the spray, to clean. We have the concentrated cleaner that we are diluting in spray bottles. Rooms are cleaned after every patient. Then when there is a sick child with URI concerns, that room gets Lysol aerosol and closed until we absolutely need it

Hi, am Emma, I think that it is very crucial work to clean and sanitize because dust, germs and also COVID 19 virus is everywhere. But before cleaning, you should ensure that actually the virus has disinfected or not. Because cleaning and disinfection both are separate work. To kill a virus, you have to spray for time and wipe it. If you need more information about disinfection or want service for Office & Commercial Cleaning Worcester, you should make a call because professional are experts.

We ran out of wipes long ago and can only buy a limited amount. I have gone to distilleries around here to buy giant 5 gallon jugs or 70% alcohol. The limited supply of wipes are for surfaces where we can not use the spray.