Office Circumcision without Vitamin K

I sometimes see patients delivered at home by midwife and they don’t get Vitamin K at birth. Will you do circumcision after 1 week or 2 week or refuse? Currently I am refusing them but I am rethinking. Just checking what everyone is doing.

I would think it would depend on your comfort level to stop a bleed. I would worry about not having proper cauterization tools in the office.

Our pediatrician gives the Vitamin K shot at the time of the circumcision in the office. We have a large Amish community that delivers at home, then comes into the office for the circumcision. I have been at this clinic for 18 months and not seen any complications to date.

I’d give Vitamin K to any infant who has not gotten at birth to help prevent late bleeding complications. In this case the parent’s desire for circumcision may enhance our ability to provide the child neonatal hemorrhage protection.

I won’t do a circumcision if the family has refused Vit K
Also, if they have received oral vitamkin K I also won’t do a neonatal circ.
If you google: controversies Vitamin K. AAP - there is a good article on this topic - and when I review this article with parents, they then almost always agree to Vit K - the article also explains why oral Vit K is NOT a good option