NP or Physician?

Looking for thoughts from the PMI Forum community… we hit the pause button on replacing a Nurse Practitioner after a planned departure that occurred the beginning of March… as we see our volume returning and heading into the summer Well Visit season, we are ready to resume the search to fill this vacant position.

How do other practices think about their readiness to bring on another provider, whether to hire a physician or a nurse practitioner, and what is the optimal mix?

Thanks- can’t wait to hear how you think about this topic!

Physician will cost 200% that NP will cost.
In general, NP collects 80% of what physician collects.
Now- you can do the math.
Also, physician’s experience is definitely so much more than that of the best NP.

Some other needs and factors involved would be much more local and unique to each practice.

Ritu Chandra, MD
Phenix City, AL

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We had extended an offer to another physician in January for a 6/1/20 start. She is bringing patients with her from the hospital system, but scary regardless given the financial losses we’ve all experienced. That being said, she’s brought a new energy and ideas – so far so good. That being said, I guess my recommendation would be to hire someone with experience and patients who will follow, as this will only help grow your practice long-term.

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@jdybdal Good luck to you! That is excting- scary too, but exciting!