November 18 Webinar Sign Up

After nearly 18 months of Business of COVID Webinars, it’s time for Paul Vanchiere (from PMI) and Chip Hart (from PCC) to tweak the webinar format a bit.

We’ve had amazing feedback from our audience…no more 2-hour marathons, requests for more practice management content that ISN’T focused on COVID, and the same large group of friends from around the country.

We may not have had a plan when we started, but we’re now focused now on a consistent, shorter webinar schedule with the same helpful information and amazing guests.

  • Limited to one hour!
  • Starting at 8:00 PM ET (To allow west coast practices to join the webinar)
  • The third Thursday of the month for the next four months (to start)

Click here to sign up for the next three webinars (single registration gets you squared away for the next three scheduled webinars).

  • Thursday Nov. 18 (Budgeting)
  • Thursday Dec 16 (Hiring Physicians vs. Extenders)
  • Thursdasy Jan 20 (RVU Contracts For Providers)