Media and vaccines

Chip do you have the latest stats on immunization rates? I’ve contacted my local TV reporter who’s going to pitch it to his team. If they go for it, I will get interviewed, hopefully even tomorrow.

The data I’ve been sharing is from last week - here’s a picture below to share with them. If your reporter (or anyone else’s reading this) gets interested, I can send them a fresh tabulated version so they can use whatever visual tool they want to display it. They usually have some technical questions about the data which I’m glad (and feel obligated) to answer.

I tried to get my TV reporter to do a story but unfortunately it’s not exciting enough. Will try again later. Thanks.

Keep trying! If it’s not about vaccines today, it’s about spotting abuse and neglect. Or depression screening. Or any one of the vital services you provide children.

Thanks Chip. You have been a wonderful support!



Here is my interview with Todd Dykes of Channel 5 News in Cincinnati: on the importance of immunizations


See, it worked! I’m glad you kept trying.

Thanks! And the good news that it hit the day the protests started. Glad I got it done that morning. Otherwise it would not have happened.