MDI training vs. Neb treatments in our office this fall

This is my first time posting in the forum and I am looking for input on the following. Our doctors will NOT be doing Nebulizer treatments this fall due to COVID. What they have done is purchased, from McKesson, is generic albuterol HFA and a few different sizes of spacers. My question is how do we bill for this? The albuterol runs about $41.00 per aerosol. The spacers run anywhere from $4.50 up to $17.35. Our goal is to have these on hand for a patient who is struggling with their breathing and we can administer the albuterol via the spacers and send them home with the albuterol. I am not sure payers will pay this even though we are keeping the kids out of the emergency room. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Kathy Warman

We are thinking of doing the same thing in our office, Would like to see if anyone else has any input on this subject.

Most payers are not paying for it. You can reuse the same albuterol HFA with a different spacer: We also bought a converter for the cigarette lighter so we can do nebulizers in the office. For extreme emergency situations, we could potentially do nebulizers in the office along with air purifiers. Hope this helps!

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My first time posting,too. Have ongoing discussions about this - we’re probably going the inhaler/spacer route, but also thinking about using nebulizers in patient’s cars if absolutely needed. Rock and hard place quandry because I have concerns about reusing nebulizers, sending patients to ED when I could care for them myself and costs incurred to our independent practice.

We just purchased D/c to A/c converters which can be plugged in an automobile’s cigarette lighter. We will be giving nebulizer treatments in the family vehicle when wheezing season hits. The unit costs about 20 dollars on Amazon. It works just fine.
Eric Tyler
Rural Alabama

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