Late or Missed appointment

Hi All - I’m working on creating a protocol/policy on patients who are late or arrive after their scheduled appointment.

We have implemented electronic notifications and pre-check in email/text reminders. The appointment reminder includes the message to arrive 15 min prior to their scheduled time.

Our practice has 15 physicians and 4 AP’s that all have different views on patients who arrive late to their appointment.

Could you share if you have a policy. How effective is it? How do you define late? Etc.

Thank you,

Connie Mellin
Western CO Pediatric Associates

Yes, we have a late cancel and N/S policy. We too send text reminders, automated phone calls, and personal confirmation calls for unconfirmed appts the day before and still run at about a 13% n/s rate. We have about 44% Medicaid population at our office and we can not charge for missed appts to that population, so our partners have made the decision to not charge anyone; however, we do have new patients sign our “Compliance Agreement” at their first appt. If they n/s or late cancel 2 appts, they get a warning of dismissal letter in the mail. We can and do occasionally dismiss patients after the third offense, but more likely the 5th or 6th occurrence.