I got paid for a phone call!

I just got my first $12.17 payment from a MA plan for a short phone call from 3/13/2020! It is the first time my time on the phone has ever been worth anything at all. Baby steps!!


Yay! First step is to get them to pay and then get them to increase rates :wink:

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That’s great! Can you give a little color on how you informed the patient that you were going to bill for the phone call? We are on board for billing for phone calls but since we didn’t used to do it that often, we are struggling with how to convey to the patient that we will bill their insurance for the call. Did you put in on your website? Does your staff inform the patient when they leave a message? Thank you for any feedback you can give. And congrats on getting paid for your work!


Honestly, when all this started and we didn’t have telemedicine set up I made the call to start sending the billing for phone calls to the insurance companies to see what happened and to communicate to patients later. We have never done it before but I thought there would be time to explain that we are doing all we can to stay in business for THEM if it came to that. We then ramped up and got going with telemedicine and have focused communicating with our patients about that. We did get one call from a patient who calls often asking about it and we said to wait and see what her insurance did with the claim. It seems like it is a small way to share the burden and an ideal time to get paid for the work we do all the time for free.