HRSA and Vaccine Payoff

So, we got the Phase 4 funding and I am spreadsheeting and accounting all expenses so that we can prove that we used the funds in a “kosher” way. In the last seminar, Paulie and Chip suggested paying off your vaccine invoices. We did that and we now have no outstanding invoices with Sanofi or Pfizer. BUT…I just looked at the Provider Relief Reporting Requirements and it looks like you can use the money only for COVID RELATED expenses.

We do not yet have the COVID vaccine therefore, we have only paid off our non-COVID related vaccine expenses.

Was it wrong then to have paid down our usual vaccines (MMR, Pentacel, etc) with HRSA Phase 4 funds??

My interpretation. Its COVID related expenses which are not reimbursed or reimbursable. So any peds vaccine or COVID vaccine does not count. But if you bought PPE or syringe with needles which is not reimbursed, it counts. If you did COVID tests but did not get reimbursed (timely filing etc.), it does not count. But if you paid for say a CEPHID machine (i.e. did not do a placement and get it free) for COVID tests, it counts.

The way I looked at it was to pay down bills to lessen the 2021 tax load. We have until 12/2022 to spend it officially .