Hepa filters

Hello everyone,

It has been wonderful to hear about what everyone is doing!

Our practice has 5 locations. We are designating one location as our “potentially infectious” sick office and are purchasing Hepa filters for exam rooms and common areas. Is there anyone else considering this as well? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks! Andrea

We have 5 locations as well, with about 20 minutes between each location. Do you think you will have any issue with your patients making a further drive for that particular location? Do you have an info regarding the advantage of Hepa filters and cost for the supplies?

Since this hit, we have limited our in office availability such that our patients have become more used to travelling to different offices. Our messaging has been that in order to be as safe as possible, we are separating “sick” from “well” by offices. This has been well received and parents have been grateful. Our locations are also about 20 minutes apart.

We are in Connecticut. Yale introduced us to the idea of HEPA filters. Of course, information on Covid continues to evolve, but they think that it adds protection to what we are already doing. It also allows turn over of a room in 15-20 minutes, as opposed to the recommended one hour. The best summary I’ve been able to find so far was in the NY Times: https://www.nytimes.com/wirecutter/blog/can-hepa-air-purifiers-capture-coronavirus/

An ENT in the community has installed them already so that they can reopen and do scoping.
Levoit and Honeywell have affordable, highly rated, models. You need to make sure you choose a size that is adequate for your room square footage.