Facemask wearing in daycares

Hi! Just looking to see what others are seeing at this point. We are in Illinois, and we are starting to get phone calls from parents asking us to write a note for their child to be exempt from the mask wearing rule. I have been looking all over to see if this is even something we CAN do. We are generally feeling if the child doesn’t have any current respiratory concerns which are being monitored by the physician that a note is not necessary, nor would it be valid. Is anyone else having this come up in their office? If so, how is it being handled? Thanks in advance, and I hope this post was okay!


I am in IL as well. I wrote one note for a teen with autism that will not be able to keep it on. Mom wanted a note for his brother ( not biological) who has asthma but I told her that he really should wear one.
Laura Laskonis
All Star Pediatrics

The mask really works and they should wear one
Susan Gunduz MD
Northport Pediatrics