EPSL and extended FMLA with PPP loan

We are applying for the PPP. We are concerned that if this drags on longer than 8 weeks that we may want to use the EPSL and extended FMLA as well. Is there guidance about using this during (not double dipping) or after using the PPP funds? If used while using the PPP funds does it count against our returning to full staff thus having the loan forgiven? If we submit paperwork saying we are exempt can we then become “un-exempt” and use the EPSL and extended FMLA?
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You’re asking one of the very questions we’re asking ourselves. We’re also waking up to the fact that starting everyone’s magic 8 weeks at the same time nationally may not make sense. Paulie, Dr. Berman, and Kerin Stackpole (an H/R attorney), are going to try to address as many of these questions tonight as they can.

Wanted to bump this question back up and hope not forgotten, I’m positive it is not. We are still awaiting final regulations and we have been getting more guidance daily. My understanding “currently” is we, as a medical primary care provider, have the option to exempt or not exempt. Don’t have to be fewer than 50 providers to exempt. Granted we still have not seen any forms or documentation that would be needed to be an exempt business. Maybe this is coming, maybe not. Also not sure what we would need to post in the office if anything if we were exempt.
There are pros and cons of course. Without PPP only pros truly. With PPP there is some confusion.
Scenario #1. Surge comes and goes by June 1st and now we are in check up season and need all hands on deck and our local governments are now allowing us to see WCC. If we received the PPP loan then maybe go exempt for extended FMLA (if we can pick or choose from the two aspect, otherwise exempt for both and pay sick leave from PPP loan)
Scenario #2. We did a great job flattening curve and local governments continue to limit nonessential WCC, and we have run the course with 8wk PPP loan. Better to not be exempt and have another source of funding for employees if they get sick or need to be quarantined (office does not need to be fully staffed anyway)
Maybe this is a good polling question because I know everyone’s situation is different. Just curious what other offices are going to do with this and then of course answer the why question. From what we have read, we have a few weeks to nail down our decision either way while we are in the forgiveness period if we make everyone square.
Thanks for ideas and guidance on this question.

Thanks for feedback on this one because it is critical question after PPP loan.
If the banks come up dry on PPP loan then get to start working our way down the other programs.

Can’t stress enough, please everyone be persistent applying for PPP loan. If approved and have a bank that can get it for you, this is no brainer. I hope to hear lots of positive responses to PPP loan program in 1-2wks.