Cyber Security Risk Analysis


Last year in the PMI Conference I attended a class on EMR cyber attacks and the expense of having your records held hostage as well as the cost and legal ramifications to the practice. Because of COVID, this took the back burner until recently.

Our Practice was unsure if we had a breach, but we knew we had several attempts made by “hackers” in the past few months. Because of those attempts, we chose to do a security risk analysis. We found a company that offered many different packages to our office based on what level of need we thought we had. We then met with the team and they did an audit of our computers and network. From that scan, after they analyzed the data, I was given all of the information on if any breaches had been successful, of any malware, if any that was present and of our potential risk to be hacked and what that risk equaled monetarily.

I was very impressed with the company and wanted to share their information with you incase other practices had a need. I can send their brochures to anyone interested. Security Risk AnalysisRiskVersity Cyber Risk Services IT Audit & Compliance.pdf (188.3 KB)

Additionally, We have recently revamped our website and we used EKU Consulting and IT Solutions. Eku came in under price for any vendor we researched. His team collected appropriate data, offered suggestions to the site that we hadn’t thought of and had it updated and running before the estimated date of completion. We also utilized them to build an additional site from the ground up and experienced the same professionalism and efficiency.

Because of the pleasant experience with both vendors and the current risk for cyber-attacks, I wanted to pass that information on incase anyone else was in need. [Website Design] (