Child Tax Credit

It’s not often you get to reach out to your patients with unsolicited good news, so here’s a great chance for you to engage with your families. As you may know, the Feds announced a Child Tax Credit that will have a real positive impact on most of your families. You may not know that the AAP not only has this cool page explaining what it means to your families, they’ve also developed a PDF for you to share with everyone.

This is a perfect excuse for you to fire up whatever patient communication tool your EHR runs and let your families know about the relief. Post it to your Facebook page and on your practice Insta account. You can send them the URL or download the PDF from the link above (or copy it below). Spanish versions are also available. Make sure your patients spend a moment reading this and not some ridiculous anti-science thing.

ChildTaxCredit_June2021.pdf (177.5 KB)