Alabama Medicaid to pay for tele-well, phone calls, and more

I had the privilege of being the only physician on a call with the Alabama Medicaid commissioner earlier this week to advocate for several payment requests we had put forward through our AAP chapter and state medical association. I am so excited to share with my Alabama colleagues that Commissioner Azar granted almost all of our requests. You should watch for an alert from them shortly for more details on payments for tele-well, sick+well, and paid phone calls but I have attached her letter here.

I also wanted to share the letter to remind everyone that your voice matters. If I hadn’t been on that call to advocate for the needs of the pediatricians in our state, we may not have achieved the same gains. You won’t know if you can get something until you ask. So please go speak up for yourselves!

Have a great Friday!


Response_to_AAP_and_MASA.01.pdf (2.4 MB)


This makes my day. Great work. Everyone here who feels like they can’t accomplish anything should use this as an insipiration!


That’s amazing! Well done!

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Thanks, @Chip! I just hope we can convince them to make these changes permanent post-pandemic.

Thank you, @hlavania!

You so rock @katski. The kids of Alabama are very blessed to have you in their corner.


Thank you! I have excellent mentors, @SKB!!

Awesome work. Well done @katski

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Thank you! :blush:

Dr Skinner, on behalf of Anniston Pediatrics in Anniston, Alabama, thank you so much for speaking out on this matter! Your leadership is inspirational and very much appreciated. These changes have been needed for so long. You are one amazing lady!


This is awesome! Great work!

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Thank you, @leslie.siskey! I am so thankful to have the opportunity.

Thank you, @darlak!

Nicely done!!!

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Thank you!