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With so many practices re-engineering their internal processes, why not share what is working for you?

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Hi Paulie
I am writing this from Southwest Pediatrics in Bakersfield Ca.
Today we will see 80 patients for 4 full time FTE thanks to your seminars.
We implemented as follows

  1. Communicate with our patients initially several times when it happed in March that we are there for them, we are making appropriate changes to protect them, every time they came in we asked them “ how is your experience? To make them think it is safe to come in , and asked them to tell their friends. Reaching out to them to make appointments. Hoping if all goes well start increasing hours of operation.
    2 communicated with our staff early and regularly to make them feel safe and secure. Gave them responsibility that their future that it is in their hands to positively accept the challenge or to loose their job at the Same time giving them hope that we are in to gather. They took on the challenge and patients could feel it too. Compared them to be the heroes in war . They felt lot more secure and motivated .Spent money for protective gear for them and avoided sick visit coming in . Encouraged doing tele health. Converting every phone call into tele health. All after hour calls are tele health as well.
    3 worked with managers daily what is new and what needs to be done. Worked with front office to convert all phone calls into tele visit. Encouraged billing staff to clean up billing and get tele health going.
  2. Could not secure PPP loan, but secured half a million LOC, worked with bank to delay 3 months of mortgage payment, credit card to delay payment ( but still went ahead and payed it)
    5 cut down on 30% hours on staff and providers decreasing overhead. Already considering to increase if all goes well and numbers hold up.
    All these things you have discussed and emphasized have really helped us. I wanted to thank you and share with everyone to encourage a to approach positively what we can do and not worry what is out of our hands.

Thank you
Hitesh Shah